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The Oklahoma City Chapter of Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays promotes the health and well-being of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender persons, their families and friends through:

  • Support to cope with an adverse society
  • Education to enlighten an ill-informed public
  • Advocacy to end discrimination and secure equal civil rights.

PFLAG Oklahoma City provides opportunity for dialogue about sexual orientation, and acts to create a society that is healthy and respectful of human diversity. Keeping families together is the mission of PFLAG. Our family values stress education, understanding, acceptance, and support, but most of all love, thereby empowering our children — straight and gay — to lead happy and productive lives.

Check out their website here.

This is a story of how two OKCYU teens met and started dating. Young love is such a sweet time in everyone’s life. LGBT teens shouldn’t have to be scared to make the first step to ask someone out (well they shouldn’t have to be any more nervous than any other teen doing the same thing). I hope this story gives an lgbt teen the courage make a move and to talk to their crush.

“My boyfriend and I met at a skating rink in OKC. We started talking and finally got together in February of 2012. Although, at the time we decided to keep it a secret. He and I were petrified. We didn’t know whether we could trust anyone to accept us or not. After about a year we started to tell close friends and family. After we came out New Year’s Eve right before 2014 things started to go downhill. Some of my family members were upset and didn’t understand our lifestyle. They couldn’t see our love for the pure love that it was. They thought my boyfriend “made me this way” and that he was pressuring me to be with him. Truth be told, I’m the one who asked him out in the first place. Overall people have calmed down and we have received a lot of support from family and friends. I wanted to ask him to the school prom in a special way. One day I took his little sister to get a poster board and glitter glue and made a sign. I told him to come outside (his sister was video recording it the whole time). When he came outside the porch light turned on and revealed me with the sign asking him to prom. What was hilarious was that when we made the sign, we forgot to put the letter “R” in PROM. It was hilarious. By the way, he said yes and we went to POM together. :)”

June is PRIDE month! This is a great video that explains the history of LGBT Pride month.

Let’s celebrate the advances in equality rights that we are able to enjoy today and raise awareness for those that we are still pushing for in the future.

Tonight is MOVIE NIGHT.

“Broken Heart Land” is a film which specifically deals with LGBT issues in Oklahoma and spotlights a case of a gay teen suicide in Norman, OK. The movie is playing TONIGHT at 7:00 p.m. the OKC Museum of Art and is FREE.
Still Point Pictures
415 Couch Dr
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

If you want to RSVP follow this link.

The film centers on a conservative military family living in Norman, left to unravel the mystery behind their gay teenage son’s suicide. On an early autumn afternoon, in his parent’s ranch in Norman, Oklahoma, gay teen Zack Harrington killed himself with a gunshot to the head. One week earlier, Zack had attended a local city council meeting in support of a proposal for LGBT History Month in Norman, Oklahoma. When the floor was opened up for public comment, some community members made highly controversial and incendiary statements equating being gay with the spread of diseases such as HIV and AIDS.
Against the backdrop of a town divided on the issue of homosexuality, Zack’s grief-stricken parents, both conservative Republicans and military veterans, are forced to reconcile their own social and political beliefs with their son’s death. Determined to understand Zack, they discover a private diary, which paints a gripping portrait of a boy in crisis. Ultimately, they discover a chilling secret that Zack kept hidden for almost two years, which leads them to some painful conclusions about their son’s life and death.

When an outspoken conservative citizen runs for the town’s City Council, the Harringtons decide to join a politically active group called “MOMS: Mothers of Many” (mainly comprised of local mothers of LGBT youth). Over the course of the local election season, Zack’s family must decide whether to remain in the background or publicly honor their son’s legacy.

There will be an engaging QA with the filmmakers and subjects of the film after the screening. Hope you all can make it!

“Broken Heart Land” Trailer from Still Point Pictures on Vimeo.