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Did you guys catch the VMAs last Sunday? Well I’m late to the scene and just saw the awesome video where she dressed in drag as her alter ego “Jo Calderone”. Pretty great. Check it out and comment on what you think.

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The Cimarron Alliance group is a great supporter of OKCYU and a wonderful lgbt friendly non-profit organization in OKC. Check out how media/ web friendly they are and you will most definitely learn a little something about lgbt issues in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma: Inside Out is the newest program of Cimarron Alliance. It is a weekly internet broadcast that focuses on the issues, culture, and people important to Oklahoma’s LGBT community and our supporters. There is a new edition each Tuesday. Make Oklahoma: Inside Out a part of your online experience every week!

Last podcast synopsis:
August 9, 2011: Jamie Bramble

“Jamie Bramble is a very talented Oklahoma singer-songwriter. He has many LGBT fans and is frequently the featured performer at central Oklahoma restaurants, bars, and private parties. He gives generously of his time to support causes he believes in. Jamie has a large fan base among the Oklahoma gay community, and once you hear him sing, you’ll know the reason why.

Jamie talks with Scott today about what inspires him to write, the process he uses to create new music, and his ambitions for future success. Jamie is far more humble than his talent would imply. We’re delighted to have Jamie Bramble as our guest today.”

Take a listen here!

Thank you Cimarron Alliance for introducing us to a wonderful artist who proudly supports lgbtq Oklahomans. I’m in love- but shhh don’t tell my partner!

Also more about Jamie Bramble:

Each and every week, on Thursdays, OKCYU meets at First Unitarian Church from 5:30-7:00. Oh ok, we sometimes, almost every week go over and stay till 7:30.
We meet in the basement which you can find and entrance at the church on the side that faces Dewey.

Weekly groups are for GLBTQ youth, and their friends and allies, ages 14 – 20. The middle hour (6pm – 7pm) is a group discussion, with time before and after to hang out. They are facilitated by youth and adult (with training and background check) facilitators, who are there to ensure the group is a safe, affirming and fun environment. In the future, OKCYU will be inviting speakers and adding other activities, as requested by participants.

The last Thursday of each month, time will be set aside for a Youth Council where all youth are invited to give feedback and make the weekly group into what they would like it to be. Please email the group at [email protected]
for more information.

This will be a month/ year long celebration for the state of New York in which same-sex marriage was legalized recently. Below are a few articles and links to pictures, check them out and celebrate with all the happy NY couples!

“Albany Mayor Gerald D. Jennings D-Albany, performs the city’s first legal same-sex marriage ceremony as Dale Getto, left, and Barb Laven, both of Albany, marry at City Hall, at 12:01 a.m., Sunday, July 24, 2011. At one minute after midnight, the Emprie State became the latest – and largest – state to allow same-sex marriage, Hundreds of couples lined up to take their vows.”

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“Last month, New York became the largest and most recent state to legalize gay marriage and this Sunday, July 24, the first such weddings took place across the state. As same-sex couples celebrated from Niagara Falls to Long Island, opponents of gay marriage vowed to fight the new law, which was signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo following a prolonged battle in the state legislature. Here, a brief stats-based guide to the day:
6: Number of states now allowing gay marriage: New York, Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont. Washington D.C. also allows same-sex marriages. Even though Maryland and Rhode Island have not legalized such unions, they recognize gay marriages performed out-of-state.
85: Age of newlywed Connie Kopelov, now married to Phyllis Siegel, 76, the first same-sex couple to be wed on Sunday in New York City
23: Number of years Kopelov and Siegel have been together. “Twenty-three years, and we’re looking for 23 more,” says Siegel, as quoted by Tina Susman of the Los Angeles Times.
659: Number of marrriage licenses issued by New York City on Sunday, July 24, according to a news release from Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s office
484: Number of couples, both gay and straight, who were wed in New York City on July 24. “Today, surrounded by family and friends, you are making history,” says Mayor Bloomberg, as quoted in Bloomberg News.
About 50: Number of couples who will wed in New York’s first group gay wedding, at a site overlooking Niagara Falls on Monday, July 25. “Officials hope the ceremony will nudge the careworn city perched on one of the world’s great natural wonders toward recapturing its storied identity as the world’s ‘Honeymoon Capital.'”
About 60 percent: Number of Fortune 500 companies currently offering same-sex work benefits, including health coverage, to their employees. “Treating same-sex partners and their families equally with other married couples is today as natural for corporate leaders as ending discrimination on race or ethnicity,” says Bob Witeck at CNN….”
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