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If you missed the Clay Aiken Episode of Drop Dead Diva last night on Lifetime, you can watch the full episode here.

Episode 5 (Prom)
Season 3: Episode 5 (Prom). Original air date: 07/24/11. Jane represents a lesbian couple who have been barred from attending their high school prom. Meanwhile Grayson and Kim represent Hank, the bailiff who feels duped and too quickly dumped by his Russian mail-order bride. Jane struggles with defining the status of her relationship with Dr. Kendal after she learns he’s been seeing other women. Stacy is jealous when Fred is approached to act in a commercial. Wanda Sykes, Clay Aiken, Lance Bass, Amanda Bearse guest star.

“Pop star Clay Aiken defends the southeastern U.S., saying homophobia is more a national problem than a regional one, while discussing difficulties faced by Southern LGBT teens.

Aiken, who resides part-time in North Carolina, answered questions posed to him during a conference call to promote his appearance on the Lifetime series Drop Dead Diva. Aiken guest-stars in an episode inspired by Constance McMillen, a Mississippi teenager who sued her high school for refusing to allow her to attend her prom with her girlfriend.

Asked if it’s tough to be a gay teenager in the South, Aiken responds, “You can argue that there are areas in the country where it might be a little bit easier, but I think that it is a national issue. It’s not necessarily just a Southern thing.”

“I get slightly defensive because I know that there are lots of challenges in the Southeast that still need to be met, but I do see a lot of progress,” Aiken says. “And it is kids like Constance, shows like Drop Dead Diva that — and plenty of other shows and plenty of other individuals who have stood up.”

Aiken does admit that attitudes toward LGBT people have evolved since he began his career. “I think about the fact that … from the time that I started in this business, if you want to put it like that, in 2003, the lengths that the entertainment industry has come, the lengths that the country has come in just that short — less than 10 years, is amazing,” he says.

The episode, titled “The Prom,” also features guest appearances by other out performers, including Lance Bass and Wanda Sykes. It will air Sunday at 9 p.m. on Lifetime.

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There will still be a regular OKCYU youth group meeting at First Unitarian Church on 13th and Dewey today. Some of the youth will be headed to Tulsa, but we will still meet for those staying in the OKC area. Please come join us for some pizza and good times!

This post is a little late, and if you are planning on going, we have probably already spoken to you and have you on the list…. Most likely it is too late to join in, but I thought I would post our new events just to keep everyone in the loop about our current events.

This Thursday, July 21st, OKCYU will be going on a field trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma.
The youth group will meet at First Unitarian Church
Make sure and bring a signed copy of the permission slip if you want to go! (Contact us if you need a copy).

Then the youth group will head out for Tulsa! They will be visiting the Oklahoma Aquarium and meeting with the Tulsa LGBT youth Group- Open Arms. It will be a fun day of fish and fellowship with other lgbt teens from Oklahoma. Remember to participate in the OKCYU activities you must be between 14 and 21 and for this particular trip you must have a signed permission slip if you are under 18. This is only for youth that have attended meetings in the past.

Check out more info on the aquarium here….

Check out more info on the Tulsa Open Arms youth group here…