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“The Norman chapter of Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, also known as PFLAG, will host a regional conference from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday at St. Stephen’s United Methodist Church, 1801 W Brooks St.

Breakout sessions will address topics that include religion and sexual identity, being gay in the workplace, adoption for gay and lesbian couples, myths about bisexuality, suicide prevention skills, anti-bullying measures and understanding the transgender community.
Scott Hamilton, executive director of Cimarron Alliance, will deliver the keynote address, titled “LGBT+C: How Collaborative Efforts Benefit all LGBT Organizations.”
Conference speakers will include Mekina Morgan, Safe Schools coordinator and diversity outreach coordinator of PFLAG National; Alex Wilson, University of Oklahoma law student; Julie Thompson, Southern regional director for PFLAG; Daniel Dukes of OKC Brothers, an organization for transgender persons; Lisa Frey, associate professor of educational psychology at OU; and Jim Roth, former Oklahoma corporation commissioner.
The cost is $20 per person, $30 for two people registering together, or $10 for students. The price includes materials and lunch.
For more information, call 360-4497 or go to”

Here is the Conference Pamphlet


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“President Obama is committed to working with all Americans to create the brightest future for our country through innovation, education and building new technologies and more connected communities.

Since taking office, the President has demonstrated that his vision for a brighter future includes greater equality for LGBT Americans. The President and his Administration are dedicated to eliminating barriers to equality, fighting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and engaging LGBT communities across the country.

This site is a tool for you to learn about how President Obama and his team are working to win the future for LGBT Americans.”

The site has fact sheets for the interested lgbt and allies community, information about how to stop bullying, information on don’t ask don’t tell and much much more!
It now hosts an lgbt blog, news and videos, and you can sign up for email updates on lgbt issues in the law.

“Christmas in Tokyo, Japan. Three homeless friends: a young girl, a transvestite, and a middle-aged bum. While foraging through some trash, they find an abandoned newborn. Hana, the transvestite with delusions of being a mother, convinces the others to keep it overnight. The next day, using a key found with the baby, they start tracking down the parents, with many adventures along the way.”

Thank you to Jean for the wonderful suggestion.

From Cimarron Alliance: Check it out!!