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… But the recent haters have sparked my interest… as well as GLAAD and others nationwide. Apparently some sport stars aren’t think about others before they speak.

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Roger McDowell, pitching Coach for the Atlanta Braves, has joined Kobe Bryant as a target for LGBT activist ire after hurling anti-gay slurs at San Francisco Giants fans before last weekend’s game.

McDowell issued an apology after the incident, stating “I am deeply sorry that I responded to the heckling fans in San Francisco on Saturday. I apologize to everyone for my actions.” However, as with the high-profile Lakers incident that dominated headlines only a few weeks ago, GLAAD is now insisting that a simple apology is, well, simply not good enough.
According to the charges brought by Justin Quinn, the fan who witnessed McDowell’s actions together with his wife and two young daughters, the Braves’ pitching coach made anti-gay remarks to a group of male fans and then made a series of crude gestures with his hips, using a baseball bat as a prop. When Quinn objected, McDowell reportedly told him that children do not belong at the ball park and then approached him, bat in hand, saying “How much are your teeth worth?”
“McDowell’s apology is a start, but the Atlanta Braves and Major League Baseball must take real disciplinary action and send the message that anti-gay slurs have no place in sports, GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios explained. “Professional sporting events should be an environment that all fans and families can enjoy, not a place where children are exposed to violent threats and discriminatory language.”
Barrios went on to urge the MLB and the Atlanta Braves to jump on the anti-discrimination bandwagon in an effort to make sports and sporting events safe and appropriate for all fans of all ages.

Thursday April 21, 2011 is game night- so come with your game face on! Remember we meet at First Unitarian at 13th and Dewey in OKC at 5:30- 7:00. See you there!

Funny Cartoon Network Video

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“The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was a United States Government office building located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It was the target of the Oklahoma City bombing, the most significant act of domestic terrorism on American soil….On the morning of April 19, 1995, Timothy McVeigh parked a rental truck with explosives in front of the complex and, at 9:02am, a massive explosion occurred which sheared the entire north side of the building, killing 168 people.”

To learn more and support the Oklahoma City National Memorial by donating and helping teach the impact of violence go to

Here are a few great pictures from our second annual prom! If you have some pictures that you want posted, please email them to [email protected]

YOUTH- If you attended the prom and are curious about the pictures that the photographer took either come to a Thursday night meeting and get a copy of the pictures or email us to figure out how to get a copy of the picture cd.

I have only posted pictures with adults in them, I will not post any pictures of any youth on our website. If you have been posted in a picture here and wish to be removed, please contact [email protected]
Thank you! Prom was amazing!!!

OKCYU’s weekly meeting at First Unitarian OKC is tomorrow- Thursday April 7 at 5:30- We will be watching Prayers for Bobby!

Prayers for Bobby by coolvibesinfo

In “Prayers for Bobby,” Mary Griffith is a devout Christian who raises her children with the conservative teachings of the Presbyterian Church. However, when her son Bobby confides to his older brother he may be gay, life changes for the entire family after Mary learns about his secret. While Bobby’s father and siblings slowly come to terms with his homosexuality, Mary believes God can cure him of what she considers his ‘sin’ and persuades Bobby to pray harder and seek solace in church activities in hopes of changing him. Desperate for his mother’s approval, Bobby does what is asked of him, but through it all, the church’s apparent disapproval of homosexuality causes him to grow increasingly withdrawn and depressed. Guilty over the pain he is causing Mary, Bobby moves away, yet hopes that some day his mother will accept him. His subsequent depression and self-loathing intensifies as he blames himself for not being the ‘perfect’ son and is driven to suicide. Faced with their tragedy, Mary begins to question her faith when she receives no answers from her pastor concerning her devastating loss. Through her long and emotional journey, Mary slowly reaches out to the gay community and discovers unexpected support from a very unlikely source. The film is based on the 1995 Leroy Aarons book of the same name. Written by Louie Neira

Find out more information about the movie here.

Courtesy of Equality FloridaThe “Refuse to Lie” campaign was created gay activists who believe that the federal government should acknowledge same-sex marriage.

Some same-sex married couples are refusing to file their federal tax returns separately this tax season, as part of a movement demonstrating that they’re no longer content to quietly comply with the federal law that does not recognize same-sex marriage. And in some cases, these taxpayers will pay Uncle Sam more when they do so.

Same-sex couples who have married, or who have a legal status equivalent to marriage in certain states, must still file separate federal returns because the government — and therefore the Internal Revenue Service — defines marriage as a legal union between a man and a woman.

Using that definition, federal tax returns ask taxpayers to check one of five options under their filing status: single, married filing jointly, married filing separately, head of household or qualifying widow(er) with dependent child. Married same-sex partners typically file their own federal returns either as single or, if they qualify, as head of household, which has more favorable rates than the single filing status….

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Wow! Last night’s prom was amazing! There is so much to share about how much fun was had last night, but first I will share how prom came to be. Weekly planning meetings for months before Prom, along with a lot of hard work from the group that makes up OKCYU are what made prom possible. Decorations, entertainment, music, venue, food, timing, tickets, prizes…. There are so many details that wrapped up all in one make for an awesome prom. THANK YOU to everyone that made it possible.

Now, it’s time to show off all the hard work.

Stay tuned for more.

Happily Ever After, OKCYU Prom 2011

Beautiful Centerpieces

Fairytale Stage

DJ Rikki Shay- spinning great music all night!

Just like you stepped into a fantasy!