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It’s good to see people of all ages and sexual orientations speaking out for the rights of the LGBT community.
Send out good vibes and, most importantly, act now for those that we see persecuted in our communities.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Winter!!! The cast of the closer has a great idea for gift giving this holiday season.

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Happy holidays from OKCYU!

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Out of over 300 submissions, the two couples were selected to get married on December 6 on a flight from Stockholm to New York.

Coming in first place was German couple Aleksandar Mijatovic and Shantu Bhattacherjee, who have been together ever since meeting over seven years ago in Berlin.

Answering the question, “What do you love most about your partner?”, Mijatovic gushed, “That now after seven years I still have butterflies in my stomach when I look at him. And I love the fact that I always feel that I am in a team and that I can rely on him and trust him unconditionally.”

Coming in second was lesbian couple Ewa Tomaszewicz and Gosia Rowinska from Poland, who will be joining the Germans in getting married on board the SAS flight.

The dream wedding does not end when the plane lands in New York. The couples will also get to enjoy sponsored honeymoons in New York and West Hollywood.

Let’s hope the in-flight catering will be good!

Here is a blog post that Collin gracefully decided to share. He was so inspired by writing this piece that he started his own website and will continue to post on ours as well. Visit to find out more about him.

Hello, my name is Collin. The reason I decided to write this, I suppose, would be mainly because of everything that’s been happening in the L.G.B.T. community lately. With everything from hate speech to discrimination and suicide, I strongly feel that the lonely L.G.B.T. youth out there need to know that they are far from alone. There is love, justice and support out there though it may seem hard to believe. You just have to stay focused, with a positive mind, body and attitude- “keep your eyes on the prize”. Life will get better. Does this mean that you won’t have rough spots along the road? Of course not!
Honestly, being gay isn’t always easy. There will always be the haters, the discrimination, and the obstacles to over come. But I strongly and proudly say that as your story, your fairy-tale, unfolds, the process becomes more and more beautiful, as does your L.G.B.T. existence, both in the community, and in so-called “normal” society.
The following is an account of my coming out story, and what I am currently going through today:

Five months have passed since I have come out of the closet- these five months have definitely been… interesting to say the least. With everything from an accepting mother, to a homophobic father who refuses to support the life-style his son has chosen, I instantly knew that life would be both pleasant, and not. It started with my sister, who, without going into great detail, found me out. I wasn’t, and still am not sure where she stands, for one minute she’ll be saying how great I am in that ‘aspect’, and the next she’ll be getting on me, telling me I need to let god into my heart and that my feelings are anything but natural (and of course, only those of us who go through it know for a fact that it is natural) but no matter what her personal views may be, she generally remains supportive.
She agreed to keep it a secret from my Dad, but constantly insisted on my telling him the truth about myself. However, I put it off for an extremely long time. The reason being this: my father, as a some-what over examining Baptist Christian, was and is anything but okay with homosexuality, or homosexuals for that matter. In fact, it was interesting, because just a few days before finding me out on a personal profile online, he was bashing the famed and beloved Lady Gaga for speaking out for gay rights, right in front of me. And of course, when his little “discovery” was made, it was a big mess.
When I told my mother, she was extremely okay with it. To put it in her words, “I don’t care if you’re with a man or a woman, if you go to prom, I want pictures! You do what makes you happy.” So, of course, almost every gay thing that goes on with me is okay with her now. Her mother however, wasn’t, and most likely isn’t, so fine with it – she is not exactly rude about it, but never wants to hear anything that refers to homosexuality either.
Now, unfortunately, this next subject I’m about to talk about may be where you REALLY need to re-evaluate some things in your life. What’s this subject? I know you’re curious.

Friends. Friends may be loyal when they consider you in the “norm”, but, learn from my mistakes.
When I came out at school to a few people, not everyone was accepting of me. And of course, later on I was completely outed, and for so long, the reputation I had been building, was destroyed and out of all the friends that I had gained, only three of them remain true to me.

But I started recognizing different support groups out there, and I began attending this one OKCYU, to find support, love and care, and of course, friends. It’s a wonderful place to be.
Being able to look forward to Thursday every week and just think to myself “this is OUR day, a day when there is no hate, just a day where we can get together and enjoy each others company” is a wonderful feeling.
Today, I am still having to deal with some family that doesn’t agree with me (*advice to homophobic parents, never hate on your gay kid. It just makes things even more awkward at thanksgiving*). And am also gaining friends again, with one difference: these friends are my FRIENDS, and I am proud to give them that label. I am also proud to represent the L.G.B.T. community. I am happily one who does, and plans to keep on fighting for gay rights.
The ultimate point being, I’ve had some rough times, but it’s getting better, and to anyone who fears their gay selves out there, don’t.
Take it from me, that everything is better when you come out. Life is more loving, amazing, honest, pure, and worth, for this community, this little world that we have formed with a main ingredient called love, opens your eyes to a whole different side of society, of people and things in general. A happy ending is waiting out there for us all, especially those of us who are different, and those of us who stand up and fight for what we believe in. Join me and many others here and good luck.
My advice to you, dear Dorothy, is to stay true to yourself, embrace your personality, spread your wings and fly!
-Collin <3