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Hopefully everyone had a super food filled Thanksgiving.

We will be screening the movie Dorian Blues this Thursday at OKCYU for our once monthly movie night.

Coming-of-age. A small-town young man who realizes why he’s such a misfit – he’s gay! Adolescence is proving a pain for the always-thinking Dorian. He’s an outcast and the butt of classmates’ fag jokes at high school. He’s different and understands why when he reaches the conclusion that he’s a “stereotypical gay.” He soon announces this discovery to his homophobic, Nixon-loving dad. Before dad can throw him out of the house, Dorian’s off to NYU where our hero encounters a new world of coffee houses, sophisticates and handsome men.
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Watch the preview here!

See you Thursday, December 2!

I am sure that these videos speak for themselves.

As a part of making it better, the youth and facilitators of OKCYU will be periodically posting blog articles on the site. If you would like to share your thoughts, your story, or even some LGBT youth related news/ websites, let us know. Click the contact us button and send us an email with what you would like to post.

We will monitor for age appropriate material and material that speaks the theme of acceptance.

Here’s a great video of two brave youth, not from our OKCYU group, that want to share their stories. Their message is simple, now is the time to make the choice to make it better, to start supporting others, and to embrace and love yourself. Now, right now.

Oklahoma City Youth United sponsored a “Drag Bingo” fundraiser on Saturday, November 13. This event was hosted by drag queen Renee Hilton who kept us all entertained as she called over twenty games and gave away lots of great prizes. We raised much needed funds to help with upcoming costs for insurance and for our spring prom. We hope to host this type of event four times per year.